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Waste incineration power generation environmental protection industry

High humidity dust pollutes the environment, with high efficiency, high reliability, low failure rate and bulky mechanical working system.

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»The garbage grab crane is the core equipment of the garbage feeding system of the garbage incineration power plant. It mainly undertakes the feeding, transfer, mixing and weighing of the garbage hopper to realize the material handling management of the garbage pit. It is a non-standard design garbage crane calculated according to the processing capacity of the garbage incineration plant.

The modular design is convenient for maintenance and replacement. The main mechanical and electrical parts are of global famous brands, which are convenient to purchase in the market, and the spare parts are of strong universality.

The lifting adopts absolute encoder or laser scanning positioning mode, and the trolley adopts absolute encoder positioning mode.

Main technical parameters:

Lifting capacity: 3.2-30T
Span: 8m-40m
Lifting height: About 45m
Work level: A8 (Highest working level of crane)
Density of garbage pit: 0.25-0.75t/m³
Grab volume: 3.2 - 18 m³
Compression ratio of garbage in grab: 2
Lifting speed: 20-100m/min
Trolley Speed: 20-80m/min
Crane speed: 20-120m/min
Control mode: manual / semi-automatic / full-automatic

Configuration of main mechanical and electrical parts:

Lifting motor reducer: Siemens / EW
Trolley motor reducer: Siemens / sew
PLC: Siemens s7-1500 series
Frequency converter: ABB / Siemens
Grab: Germany / Shanghai angfeng / Shanghai Pena

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