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Efficiency and accuracy are the most important in the automotive industry.

»The ever-increasing vehicle types in the automobile industry need to be quickly converted in the stamping workshop. With the help of our automated mold transport crane, we can accurately meet the customer's demand for safe and fast process with high reliability.

The time of the production process in the automotive industry has been accurate to seconds. Speed, economy, reliability, precision and high safety are of great significance to the production process.LOADWELL crane should not only keep up with the development of production; We should also try to optimize and accelerate this development.

For example,LOADWELL crane demonstrates its advantages in stamping workshops around the world by transporting stamping dies between die storage area and press. In the automotive industry, the efficiency of these production areas directly depends on the handling capacity of cranes and the accurate work of die spreaders.LOADWELL the company provides advanced technical concepts for efficient automation of material processing.

Innovative swing control system.*)

-Designed to neutralize rotary swing and a double closed-loop system, the safety crane is allowed to operate close to the press in a narrow space.。

Accurate movement can quickly approach all target positions. The grasping and setting position of the die spreader can reach the accuracy of+/-10 mm.。

Combined with intelligent, load-related speed control and intelligent router, LOADWELL crane contributes a great part of strength to the competitive stamping workshop.

The crane can be fully automatic, semi-automatic or partially automatic. After selecting the desired position in advance, the crane can move to the target position only by touching the button, and correctly place the load at the predetermined position.

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