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The development trend of gantry cranes in the future

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In the new stage of economic development, the Chinese economy as a whole and Chinese enterprises are facing two major challenges: industrial upgrading and overcapacity. In the short term, risks must be prevented and enterprises’ ability to withstand market shocks must be improved; Model innovation will reshape the foundation of corporate competitiveness and enter new markets through upgrades. In terms of systems, it is necessary to strengthen corporate strategy and decision-making systems.

Compared with the products of foreign brands, the gaps in reliability and durability of the products of Chinese domestic enterprises are narrowing. This is a welcome situation. From the second half of 2013 to the end of 2014, the adjustment period of gantry cranes in the construction machinery industry during this period is a good thing for the development of the industry. During the adjustment, the entire industry can seriously think about how to face unfavorable situations and how to work hard. The issue of healthy development.

With the convening of the two sessions, the national policy of stabilizing growth will gradually appear, and the overall situation of the industry in 2015 is optimistic. Of course, it is still very difficult for the industry to return to the level before 2012. In the next 20 years, the gantry crane industry will have good development prospects, the industry will continue to develop steadily, and the phenomenon of big ups and downs will rarely occur.

China's machinery industry has the following highlights: First, from the overall perspective, lay the foundation, attack high-end, and strengthen management. Second, with national policy support, tax-free imports of major key parts and components, the construction of a collaborative platform for key hydraulic parts, and the smooth progress of enterprise technological transformation projects. Third, the industry has made rapid progress in destocking. Fourth, the excessive growth of gantry crane capacity has been suppressed, the momentum of enterprise capacity expansion has slowed, and the industry’s signs of recovery have increased. Fifth, the international market is expected to grow. The manufacturing of high-end equipment, on a larger scale, symbolizes the core competitiveness of a country and involves the country’s economy and national defense security; on the smaller scale, it is related to the survival and development of many industries and enterprises.

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