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How to maintain the appearance of gantry crane equipment?

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The materials used in the lifting equipment must be the most suitable for the working environment. The manufacturer must first understand the detailed use requirements of the equipment before selecting materials, especially the outdoor gantry cranes and semi-gantry cranes. They must ensure first-class material selection. The quality, defect-free and long service life.

For some lifting equipment that must be in contact with water, chemical substances, etc., the standard requirements are: the surface of the equipment immersed in the material must ensure a strong anti-corrosion ability to prevent corrosion or damage to the equipment caused by long-term contact with special materials In this case, you can choose to use stainless steel to reduce the maintenance process in the future. What should be paid attention to here is to prevent electrical corrosion caused by metal foundations with very close potentials. The best way is to use insulating materials such as rubber to isolate the source of corrosion.

Gantry crane painting standard: the steel surface of the main components of the steel structure is shot blasted, and the important components reach the Sa2.5 level in GB8923. After shot blasting, paint is carried out, the primer is painted with epoxy zinc-rich primer, the middle paint is painted with epoxy anti-rust primer twice, and the top coat is painted twice. Requirements: The surface of the topcoat is uniform, detailed, bright, and consistent in color.

Lubrication and cleaning of related parts and surfaces of gantry cranes: the parts that need to be greased regularly include bearing seats, grease nozzles, etc.

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